Q1: What types of vending machines do you offer?
A: We maintain a stock of cup dispensing machines, can dispensing machines, snack machines, combination machines, and paper pack machines. We can also provide other types of vending machines such as newspaper vending machines or condom vending machines, but since demand is lower for this type of machine, we don't keep these machines on-hand so there may be some delay in your order. Let us know what kind of product you wish to sell, and we will find the machine that suits your needs!

Q2: What kind of coin accepter can the machine be installed?
A: It depends on the country, most countries we will use NRI coin acceptors, but in Singapore and Malaysia we use Nippon Conlux.

Q3: Can the machine be installed note accepter or card system?
A: Most machines can support them, but since the acceptor devices vary from country to country we are not able to support all types of currency in all the countries that we offer machines to. Also some types of vending machines will not support these devices, such as most newspaper vending machines. If you are concerned about this, please tell us where you wish to operate the machine and what type of product you wish to sell, and we will suggest the best machine(s) to meet your needs.

Q4: How is the warranty?
A: Do to local laws governing warranties, and varing local conditions we do not have a standard warranty policy, however all our products are covered by some guarantee. Depending on your distance from our contractors we may send an engineer or contractor, provide you with free replacement parts, or even replace the entire machine. Contact us for warranty information in your area.

Q5: What kind of products can the machine sell?
A: In Japan we use vending machines to sell an amazing variety of products; food, drinks, toys, and clothes are all commonly sold in vending machines. As long as the product can fit in the vending machine collumns, the vending machine can sell it!

06: What is the advantage of Japanese vending machine?
A: Japanese vending machines have faced more stringent competition for a longer period of time than vending machines in any other part of the world. As a result Japanese vending machines are built to sell products. Appearance, getting attention, and offering the right product are all very important, and our vending machines are built with these features in mind. These machines have a sleek, modern appearance and bright lighting to help capture attention, and make the customer feel he is getting a quality experience. A large clear front panel and internal lighting help highlight your products, and a large number of collumns helps you meet the customers demands. The machines are also designed to help prevent jamming which minimizes maintainace and prevents customers from damaging the machines. By attracting attention, meeting the customers demands, and providing a quality experience, these machines will attract customers again and again, which will help them do what they were really designed to do: make you money!

Q7: How long is the life span of refurbished vending machine?
A: Our refurbished products are typically between 5 and 8 years old. When we refurbish a machine we expect it to work well for at least another 7-10 years as long as the machine is not abused and periodic maintainance is preformed.

Q8: What is the refrigerant?
A: Most machines manufactured between 1995 and 1998 use R-22 refrigerants. After 1999 most vending machines switched to using, R134 / 407 refrigerants but some exceptions exist.

Q9: Can the machine be used outside?
A: It will not be a problem. As you know, Japan experiences all four seasons. These machines are designed to be used in all types of environments (not underwater or in outerspace, please!).